Discover the secrets behind the uniform as we introduce you to your Flight Attendants.

Your friendly crew serve drinks, cook your meals and sell you duty free and there is a common misconception they are there primarily for your hospitality.

Discover what a Flight Attendant's priorities really are and the amazing set of skills they all posses behind those smiles.

Delve into the real world of the Flight Attendant.

  • What skills do Cabin Crew have?
  • How long and often do Cabin Crew train?
  • What powers do they have?
  • Do they eat the same food as passengers?
  • Do they know if something is going wrong?

When the flight gets bumpy, the seatbelt signs illuminate, or the call bells ‘ding’ do you look at the Cabin Crew’s facial expressions for reassurance. Would they know what’s unusual and if something is going wrong?

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