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  • Do you avoid flying?
  • Do you wish you could book an airline ticket and fly without nerves?
  • Is a flight on your mind for days, weeks, months?
  • Do you feel anxious close to an airport?
  • Do you perform a ritual before boarding?
  • Do you hate closed spaces, heights, loss of control?
  • Do you want to conquer your fear; enjoy fantastic holidays?
  • Do you want to beat your flying nerves; feel more relaxed for your business trip?
  • Is your career held back because air travel is involved?

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  • Over 90 learning modules designed by industry experts
  • Access to Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Session (NLP) for your particular fear
  • Relaxation planning onboard
  • First time flyers guide for the airport and security
  • Healthy flying advice
  • Explore common myths and facts
  • Learn little known secrets
  • Real flight crew anecdotes

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The Fearless Flying Academy grew from a small team of professional airline crew, researchers and developers.

Being professional flyers, frequent travellers and having helped many nervous flyers 'in the air' we wanted to provide a firm affordable platform to help nervous travellers like you, and also share our true life stories of flying as part of this process. We have a passion for travel, seeing new places and exploration and we want to empower you to be able to travel anxiety free and more often.

By joining the Fearless Flying Academy we'll enable you to become more confident using over 90 learning modules including knowledge & therapy techniques but also by reading our crew's true stories allowing you to confront various fears and be educated on real scenarios simulataneously.

You'll learn a lot of secrets from our professional crew including dealing with emergencies, technical failures, incapacitated pilots, passengers with panic attacks, unexpected deaths, disruptive passengers & arrests.

Our contributors are professional airline crew sharing knowledge and true stories so you can be sure you’ll gain a realistic insight into the world of airline travel and how it operates.

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