Science behind the scenes.

The Fearless Flying Academy uses a combination of clinically proven methods to treat your fear of flying using Technical Knowledge, Solution Focused Therapy, Relaxation, Stress Management.

You can choose to use as much or as little of the resources for your own needs. You are always in control!

Knowledge is power but technical overload can be overwhelming and uninteresting. Our technical section is carefully designed to give you the ability to understand what is happening during a flight. It is also written with specific techniques designed to provide a stable grounding in partnership with the therapy sections.

If you have never flown before this section will also provide you with a valuable journey of what to expect so you can become familiar and confident with the airport and aircraft before your first flight.

Our exclusive true life stories gives you an insight and confidence in the day to day running of flights by professional air crew who work at 35,000 feet. The challenges they deal with daily from the mundane to emergencies offer an real grounding and understanding of unusual circumstances that can happen and how they are dealt with.

Solution Focused Therapy uses practical, modern, and well-researched strategies to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time. Our audio therapy chapters are delivered via streaming directly to your device, you just need a quiet undisturbed place for the duration and preferebly a pair of headphones.

Stress Management and coping techniques for when you most need it and how to cope with a panic attack or sudden nerves onboard.

Relaxation you can use during flight.

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