Often you'll never see the pilots and you may only hear their voice over the tannoy. Trusting your life with ‘a voice’ can be very daunting as you search for any inflexions in their voice when encountering delays, turbulence, go arounds, aborted take-offs and other events.

Although it’s re-assuring to see who’s driving your aircraft at 550mph pilots often aren’t seen as they are engaged in normal regular duties and not because they’re dealing with abnormal events.

Discover what training pilots have to take to become your driver, how long they practice and the exams they must pass.

How do pilots prepare for a flight?

What do they do in-flight?

What emergencies and unusual events do they train for and do they ever panic?

How can they know how all of those displays, buttons and switches work?

Do they sleep on the flight deck?

How many pilots are needed to land a plane?

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