If you have flown before you may have been alarmed by a white odourless smoke inside the cabin perhaps coming in from the vents. What is it?

Maybe you’ve took a breath after boarding and got a really strong odour of fuel or diesel, is there a fuel leak?

Or perhaps a few moments after take-off you’ve heard or even felt quite a large thud causing you shock or distress. Has a cargo door come open?

Once in the air you’ll hear the call bells ding many times for seemingly no reason at all. Perhaps you’ve heard multiple bells or different tones and you’ve started to panic and frantically look at the crew?

Find out the true meaning of these bells in the Call Bell Code, the good, the bad and when you should or shouldn’t worry. You’ll even learn how to predict some of them!

Many of the sights, sounds and smells you'll come across on a plane can over stimulate your senses, cause anxiety and even panic. By knowing what to expect before boarding a flight you're fully armed to control your anxiety and fears.

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