Together with knowledge we have exclusive hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) audio tracks professionally recorded for Fearless Flying Academy members.

Your hypnotherapy session is a powerful and safe audio session with vocal and binaural music for overcoming your fear of flying. Having a cumulative effect this helps you change your perception of your fear and improves confidence. This is not gimmick stage hypnosis, it is a recognised relaxing meditative track with proven results and you always stay fully in control.

NLP is a visualisation technique which focusses on your particular fear with regard to flying. You’ll follow special audio instructions and by practising NLP through the guided audio lesson you’ll explore your particular fear or fears and work towards desensitizing over repeated lessons.

Anxiety may be your biggest obstacle and we also have you covered with techniques for managing panic and anxiety you can use before a flight or even on board. We’ll teach you what to do!

Listen to the audio previews or enrol now for full access to this and much more.